About Me

10410260_10153052646746093_8401195101401563576_nJonathon Dean is a writer and comedy blogger based in Manchester, UK. He holds a B.Sc. in Politics and International Relations and an M.A. in Political Theory, and has been a committee member of the University of Manchester Science Fiction and Fantasy Society for far too many years.

He has published several short stories and pieces of flash fiction, and is currently in the redrafting stages of two longer fiction projects. He thinks about spaceships more often than is strictly necessary.

Stories Behind Stories

Stories Behind Stories is a world-building blog. It uses current events and debates to examine the various dimensions in invented science-fiction and fantasy worlds, helping to add a dose of verisimilitude and social commentary to fictional worlds.

Genre fiction is at its best when it can tell us something about the world we live in right now; its events, its fears, and its attitudes. Stories Behind Stories draws on the author’s social science background and current affairs analysis to discuss how the stories of today might inform our stories about tomorrow.