Unions and Allies II – Outsiders and Foreign Countries

Continuing from the previous article in which we looked at different regions of a single polity, and what relationships and history they might share, we now turn our attention to our fictional place’s relationships with those outside its own borders. Continue reading


Unions and Allies I: Internal Regions

So after the election, there have been a lot of stories and policy announcements that would seem to be trying to push me in the direction of writing a post about totalitarian evil empires.

I’m going to avoid the whole sorry mess (partially because it is such a big mess, and partially because I’m not sure I should openly criticise our glorious new regime) and instead I’m going to talk about treaties, alliances and unions. Continue reading

Success at Succession

In a week where you can hardly move for news and pictures of the royal baby, it pains me to write an article about the same subject – but as we are interested in worldbuilding, and as monarchies and noble families constitute such an important part of genre fiction (particularly, though not exclusively, in high fantasy settings), it seems an appropriate time to take a look at orders of succession. Continue reading